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December 9-10, 2023

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The i to i, (Inlet to Inlet Distance Race) is a windsurfing, windfoiling, wingfoiling, kiteboarding and kitefoiling long distance ocean race that runs from Fort Lauderdale's Vista Park, around channel markers at Port Everglades Inlet and Hillsboro Inlet, and returns to Vista Park.  2022 was the 20th year running this exciting event.  There is no entry fee for the event to view or participate. 

2023 NOR (Notice of Race)

The 2022 Race:

After a few different dates proved challenging to run the race in December, January or earlier in February, the race that first happened in 2003 was off and running.  The wait was worth it!  Epic I-to-I conditions prevailed starting at about 9 a.m. Saturday morning with strong wind from the north and a non-existent shorebreak.  After competitiors rigged, de-rigged, rigged, the race was started at 10:05 a.m. with Ron Kern taking off as a port tack rabbit to the upwind mark at Hillsboro Inlet.  The course was start at Vista Park, Hillsboro Inlet channel marker rounded to port, Port Everglades Inlet channel marker rounded to starboard and finish at Vista Park.   


  Fleet       Elapsed Time    Start:  10:05AM
Finish   Finish Fleet   Last Name   First Name   (Minutes)   Notes Time
1 1 Windfoil Martinez Fernando 93   Completed I-to-I 11:37:00 AM
2 1 Kite Foilboard Ramin Afshar 95   Completed I-to-I 11:40:00 AM
3 2 Kite Foilboard Folz Corey 108   Completed I-to-I 11:53:00 AM
4 3 Kite Foilboard Mastriana Brien 120   Completed I-to-I 12:05:00 PM
5 2 Windfoil Kern Ron 132   Completed I-to-I 12:17:00 PM
6 4 Kite Foilboard Carlson Chas 96   Vista Park - Hillsboro 11:41:00 AM
7 5 Kite Paul Michael 190   Vista Park - Hillsboro 1:15:00 PM
8 3 Kona Campbell Steve 53   Vista Park - LBTS Pier 10:58:00 AM
9 4 Formula Vogt Mike 149   Vista Park - LBTS Pier 12:34:00 PM
10 5 Windsurfer   Dave 35   Started 10:45:00 AM