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Subject:                                        Race Saturday, 12/3 Skipper's Meeting 9 a.m.




Race tomorrow.  Skipper’s meeting at 9 a.m. at Vista Park.  Possible start shortly after.   Sue and I made a coupletrips to Vista Park today to see how tide effected the launch.  We both thought low tide was a better bet.  Low tide is forecast for 10:30 to11:00 a.m. Saturday morning.   The wind forecast and typical mid-morning to mid-day lull should give us some good conditions for racing andlaunching.  The iWindsurf meteorologist is calling for winds to get lighter through the day on Saturday. 


I am concerned Sunday may get too light for a race.  Wind direction was favorable enough today and should be the same or more NEtomorrow


NOAA forecast:
E NE winds 15 to 20 kt. Seas 5 to 6 ft, occasionally to

8 ft. Period 6 seconds. Intracoastal waters choppy in exposed




NE winds 10 to 15 kt. Seas 3 to 4 ft, occasionally to

5 ft. Period 5 seconds. Intracoastal waters a moderate chop.


Iwindsurf overview:

Fading northeasterlies as high pressure moves farther offshore tomorrow as a coldfront rapidly approaches the state from the northwest, allowing the NE-ENE flow to relax a bit.

 •  AM starts with a few leftover upper teens / low 20 peaks at well exposed sites, mostly along the Keys

 •  Winds fade through the PM but most sites should hold on to at least low teens until dark

 •  Sunny skies expected

High Air Temps: Low 80s
Water Temps: Mid to upper 70s

See you in the morning.  Park gates open at 8:00 a.m.