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Saturday December 12, 2020

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The i to i, (Inlet to Inlet Distance Race) is a windsurfing, windfoiling, kiteboarding and kitefoiling long distance ocean race that runs from Fort Lauderdale's Vista Park, around channel markers at Port Everglades Inlet and Hillsboro Inlet, and returns to Vista Park.  2020 was the the 18th year running this exciting event.  There is no entry fee for the event to view or participate.

2020 Quick Recap: 

The 2020 race was run on December 12, 2020, starting at 10:32 a.m. from Vista Park.  Ron Kern, riding a hydrofoil windsurfer, took the top spot.  Ron rounded the first mark at the Port Everglades channel marker in third place.  He continued to the Hillsboro Inlet channel marker and moved into first place after Leif and Ramin retired at Vista Park.  He stayed in the lead, rounding the Hillsboro marker and back to Vista Park with a finish time of 2 hours 3 minutes 5 seconds.  Brien Mastriana, on a kite foilboard, was next and the only other competitor to finish the whole course.  Four other entrants riding kite foils completed the segment of Vista Park to Port Everglades and back to Vista Park.  Southeast winds with a moderate shorebreak made launching windfoiling gear challenging.  While Ron made a successful launch at race start he didn't make the launch look easy but did so without incident.  Windfoiler Tim Knapp wasn't as fortunate launching.  He and his gear got pushed back into the shorebreak by set waves causing a mast break and shredded sail.  The wind started in the mid teens from the SSE, later dropping a bit and shifting more easterly.  The 79-81 air and 78 water temps were awesome.   


Above:  Left - Ron Kern 1st place overall and Windfoil, Right - Brien Mastriana; Kitefoil 1st place and 2nd overall.